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CHAEN has commissioned a yearly search as a service to researchers and clinicians with the hopes that they will freely use the results for various endeavours including but not limited improving patient care, fostering research, and increasing education and awareness of HAE. The results are presented as originally identified [i.e. without bias]. The full search strategy is listed below. CHAEN provides this a service free of charge and endeavours to make this as useful as possible. As such, we would appreciate any constructive criticism to help improve the utility of the literature searches.

Search Strategy

The following search strategy was used to identify English language comparison studies addressing hereditary angioedema in Ovid MEDLINE.

  1. angioedemas, hereditary/ or hereditary angioedema type iii/ or “hereditary angioedema types i and ii”/
  2. (“hereditary angio$” or “inherited angio$” or “familial angio$”).mp.
  3. hereditary C1 inhibitor
  4. or/1-3
  5. (“clinical trial” or random$ or placebo).mp.
  6. 4 and 5
  7. limit 4 to (clinical trial, all or clinical trial, phase i or clinical trial, phase ii or clinical trial, phase iii or clinical trial, phase iv or clinical trial or comparative study or controlled clinical trial or randomized controlled trial)
  8. 6 or 7
  9. limit 8 to (English language and humans)
  10. limit 9 to (case reports or comment or editorial or letter or news)
  11. 9 not 10

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